IOM Ranking 5&6 @ Eastbourne

Due to Blue and Green Algae the Environment Agency has temporarily stopped the use of Eastbourne’s water @ Princes Park. Whilst we hope the situation will resolve itself with rain and the event will still go ahead, we would advise against booking accommodation at this time in case of change of venue at a later … Continue reading IOM Ranking 5&6 @ Eastbourne

Wondrous West Lancs

GBR IOM Ranking 3 & 4 Hosted by West Lancs Yacht Club The IOM Class made a return to Southport and West Lancs Yacht Club after a long overdue break, the class this year has seen a return to good entry levels which boasts multiple world champions to newcomers to the class and sport. Day … Continue reading Wondrous West Lancs

IOM Registrar

Please note that the IOM registrar will be away taking a well earned break and is unable to process certificates from Monday 25th June until Sunday July 15th. If anyone needs to register or require certification for the Nationals please take this into account. On a separate note please ensure when sending documents to the … Continue reading IOM Registrar

French IOM Nationals 2018

The French IOM Nationals will take place in Marseille (Roucas Blanc) from September 20th to 23rd. Same place as IOM Worlds 2007, and 2024 Olympics ! 8 spots are reserved for competitors from abroad (4 already taken) but others may be available after July 15th. NOR can be found here Entry form can be found here Continue reading French IOM Nationals 2018