It’s not over yet!

With ranking events 5 & 6 to go the 2017 ranking series is set to go down to the wire. Any of the top four are in a position to take the 2017 series and bragging rights along with it. The story doesn’t end there with plenty capable of hitting the top twenty with reasonable … Continue reading It’s not over yet!


Please find the timeline for the IOM ICA 2017 AGM below: If any class members have a resolution that they would like submitted please contact me via email: IOM ICA 2017 AGM Notice of Meeting October 2nd, 2017: Resolutions for an ordinary or annual meeting of the World Council shall be specified to the IOM ICA … Continue reading IOMICA 2017 AGM

IOM Nationals Report

With light winds and sunshine forecast over the bank holiday weekend for once the forecasters got it spot on. Day one produced the best wind with the seeding races getting off on time on the South course, these were won by Graham Elliott, Rob Walsh, Gavin Watson and Chris harris. Not long after the wind … Continue reading IOM Nationals Report

2017 IOM Nats day 2

With only one full round the wind failed to materialise. A tough day for both the skippers and the race team. Rob Walsh continues to hold the overall lead, with time running out can anyone mount a challenge? However 25 degrees, glorious sunshine is wonderful for the class barbecue! As the sun goes down we … Continue reading 2017 IOM Nats day 2