IOMICA AGM Voting Results

The results on voting at the IOMICA AGM are now online and can be found here 5.1. Ratify new IOM Class Rules helping to address new dating issues with ERS 2017-2020 — PASSED with a 71% favorable vote 6.1. Proposal from the NZL NCA to modify the wording of Section #8 concerning alternative scoring systems to … Continue reading IOMICA AGM Voting Results


Voting on the IOMICA motions for the forthcoming IOMICA AGM is open. Information on the motions from IOMICA and the agenda can be found here. Comments on the motions from the MYA technical team on an advisory basis giving their interpretation can be found here. 03/01/2017 in reply to the comments by the MYA technical team … Continue reading IOMICA AGM Motions