Ranking 1 & 2 @ Datchet

Entry for our first ranking event of 2020 held over the 4th – 5th of April @ Datchet Water is now open. For those wishing to compete at the 2020 IOM European Championships in Italy later in the year, Datchet will be the final counting event to accrue enough ranking points to qualify. The latest … Continue reading Ranking 1 & 2 @ Datchet

2019 IOM Worlds Brazil

As I write the 2019 IOM Worlds have just past the half way mark. With 12 races sailed Thursday is historically moving day, with more races between each discard the event is far from over. News from the event has been patchy over the first two days due to intermittent internet access at the sailing … Continue reading 2019 IOM Worlds Brazil